Monday, January 30, 2012

haha....I think I will be able to figure this out again!! :)

To all my family and friends!!! I'm going to get back to blogging. I have realized from the help of a friend...(MELANIE), that blogging is really a good thing and that it is a great way to journal all of my special memories with my family and me. So here is to a NEW start!!!

I am reminded about how sacred good friends really are! My son and I have had many discussions lately about friends, good friends, hanging out with friends, including all friends in activities, and what true friendship really means. Tonight as I drove him to his friends Eagle Scout Court of Honor, I was reminded by all the friends I had growing up and how we used to fill our Sundays with Firesides and Mission Farewells/Homecomings, Stake and Seminary activities. I have to say that I had the best youth with the best of friends. I am excited for my children's future, so here is also to good friends and good decisions!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mom, I get to be the mummy!!!

Jacey called me the other day so excited because her friend stella traded Jacey parts in there school program. Jacey wanted to be the mummy so bad, so when she called and said she got to be the mummy, I was excited for her. I asked her what she needed to do and she said, "You need to make me a mummy costume by tomorrow!" What???? The program was cute!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Mom, do you want to know what my poop looks like??"

I just had to write this down before I forgot....Today I heard the toilet flush and because we have had trouble with one little 5 yr old NOT flushing the toilet, I yelled from my bedroom to his bathroom, "Good job"! He came up to me and said, "Hey mom, Hey mom, do you want to know what my poop looks like?" Taken back by the question; but, with a grin on my face and a shake of my head I said, "What?" He stated, "It looks like a horse shoe mom!! I think the toilet saw my boots when I went to the bathroom, and now it knows I'm a real cowboy mom!!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Son is such a NERD!!!

Today I came out to witness this sight.....I had no idea that today was NERD day at school. I just thought, "What the heck are you wearing!!!!"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Grotto

Today we had the funnest time hiking up to the Grotto. It was so much fun and I love the colors changing in the mountains....Fall is the absolute best in Utah!!! The whole family enjoyed the hike!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last of the crew is off to school!!!

Little Taje on the first day of school. He was so excited and YES he picked his own outfit!!! I am so sad I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the kids, but at least I got Taje!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A couple of weekends ago I was on my way to Vernal to visit my cousin Kyle... and attend his mission farewell. (So excited he is going to Peru!!) Well, all of the sudden I see something flutter, feel something hit, and see something splatter across my windshield....YUCK!!!!

After seeing the blood, I had a sneaking suspicion that something was still remaining on the front of my car and sure enough, it was!!! I pulled over at the nearest gas station and the cutest teenager girl asked to help get it off.....(of course I wasn't going to turn her down!!) But we pulled and tried and I think the thing fried to my front of the car....I eventually had to go to a car wash and scrub it off....DISGUSTING!!!!

(My son had to take these pictures....I'm just so glad he didn't get one of me!!!! I'm sure I was looking a bit green!!)